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About Us

Mortgage Liquidity Solutions (MLS) is a CUSO founded in 2011 by five leading credit unions to create warehouse lending solutions and develop new liquidity options for the industry’s growing residential mortgage lending activities. We specialize in servicing retained loans and can assist you with the purchase or sale of real estate pools. We also support the sale of credit union real estate loans to the secondary market – including non-conforming or specialty loans that do not meet Fannie or Freddie guidelines.

We Support the Whole Transaction

MLS is not a broker who gets paid at closing and disappears. We work with both buyer and seller throughout the life of the transaction to help:

  • resolve questions
  • obtain additional information
  • provide support during audits/exams
  • fulfill your reporting needs if loans need to be removed from a pool
  • facilitate communications should buyers need to vote on actions
  • provide monthly payment reconciliation
  • provide monthly reporting
  • provide delinquency and foreclosure data

A History of Results

To date we have helped credit unions and CUSOs across the country facilitate approximately $300 million in real estate loan participations and whole loan sales. Unlike traditional loan brokers, the MLS team understands the credit union industry and serves as your partner before, during and after a sale to provide the expertise and due diligence or audit resources you need. We also provide the knowledge and expertise needed to help credit unions evaluate and implement warehouse lending solutions – as borrowers or lenders.

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