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Strategic Alliances

MLS has strategic relationships with several other companies, including:

Gateway Services Group

GSG is a credit union owned family of companies specializing in providing management and advisory expertise for member insurance, investment and trust services as well as lending services for your credit union. They deliver customized solutions to achieve their client’s goals using established partnerships with all significant providers in the marketplace.  GSG will be the strategic advisor to credit unions to build unique member value

The Rochdale Group

The Rochdale Group, Inc. (Rochdale) was founded in January, 2006, and takes its name from the early origins of cooperatives. Rochdale is a credit union consulting firm focused in the areas of Enterprise Risk Management Solutions and Systems, Lending and Credit Analysis, Merger Strategy and Realization, Strategy Planning and Execution, and Regulatory Response Management.


The  National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations (NACUSO) was formed  in 1985 to help credit unions explore the use of CUSOs and the delivery of  non-traditional products and services.   Over the years, NACUSO’s focus has evolved to helping credit unions form  multi-owned CUSOs and participate in collaboration and the cooperative business  model.