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Our Products

MLS hasĀ focused its efforts and product offerings around improving credit unions ability to sell their residential first mortgages.

To achieve its goal of building expanded liquidity solutions, MLS has chosen to pursue three concurrent paths that will meet immediate needs within the industry and make progress toward its longer term goal:

1) Build a new model and provide warehouse funding for mortgage banking CUSOs and credit unions to facilitate the funding for sale of loans to the secondary market;

2) Explore strategies and complete sales of non-conforming residential mortgage loans currently held by credit unions in their portfolio; and

3) Complete sale(s) of residential mortgage loans using secondary market investors beyond the GSEs.

All of these strategies working in tandem, greatly expand and enhance the knowledge base regarding the current secondary market environment for residential mortgage product; develop a base level understanding about credit union underwriting and origination practices; develop a practical strategy to help credit unions manage interest rate risk; and produce practical, timely solutions for credit unions in the mortgage sector.