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Building Alternatives

Exploring Alternatives to Fannie and Freddie
Mortgage Liquidity Solutions (MLS) was formed in July 2011 as a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) for the purpose of devoting resources toward the testing and development of practical, workable solutions for credit unions interested in selling residential real estate loans via channels beyond the current GSEs. For the credit union owners of MLS, residential mortgage lending is a critical component of their lending strategy. They were concerned about the future of those entities and that future alternatives may not provide as favorable an environment for credit unions.  The credit union owners of MLS and the MLS team are committed to using collaboration to test and develop new alternatives. We believe this will allow credit unions to continue serving their membership to help achieve their goal of home ownership and maintain the financial alternatives needed to sell those loans.

Following are strategies currently being explored by MLS:

  • Bringing “conforming pools” to market to test pricing and pool parameters against GSE execution;
  • Increasing knowledge outside of GSEs regarding the quality of CU originated mortgage product;
  • Exploring the outlets available for sale of non-QM pools post Jan 2014;
  • Developing new outlets for jumbo product;
  • Exploring alternative strategies for sale of CU portfolio loans;


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