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Selling Loan Participations or Whole Loans

If you’re looking for a partner to assist you withthe sale of loans which you have originated, MLS is here to help.

We work with you as a seller to help ensure that you meet your long term goals and objectives. Whether you have a one time need or want to develop a “flow program” MLS can assist. MLS differentiates itself in the market place by providing its support throughout the life of the transaction to:

  • Position the pool for sale
  • Locate interested buyers
  • Facilitate due diligence on the seller; servicer; and pool
  • Facilitate negotiations
  • Support the  legal documentation for the sale
  • Timely resolution of issues to ensure a timely closing
  • Post closing support to:
    • resolve questions
    • obtain additional information
    • provide support during audits/exams
    • provide reconciliation and buyer reporting
    • facilitate communications should buyers need to vote on actions

We Maintain Deep Buyer Relationships

MLS has developed strong relationships with a network of buyers throughout the U.S. Our buyers represent a unique mix of financial institutions who value MLS’ commitment to service and our business model.

We Provide Support Before, During and After the Sale

MLS understands the sales process and will work with you every step of the way to streamline it.

We Share Pricing Trends

Because we are active in this specialized sector, we can provide helpful information on how transactions can be structured and where they have traded previously.

We Offer Specialized Processes and Tools 

MLS processes have been developed and refined from experience. We provide secure web access for due diligence, examples of  legal agreements, ongoing transaction reporting, support when pool assets are impacted, and more.

We Utilize Secure File Sharing Technology

MLS understands how important it is to maintain and protect confidential information and utilizes the latest in secure file sharing technology.

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